DIY Garage Door Repair Jobs

Fixing a garage door on your own can be dangerous. After reading this article if you have any confusion about garage door safety, call a professional garage door expert. It may save you a lot of money and you may enjoy learning new things. However, the hospital bills as the result of injuries sustained during DIY garage door repair work won’t be worth those savings. The most important point is that educate yourself properly before doing anything when your garage door won’t open in cold weather to make sure that you can handle it safely.

Type of garage door you are dealing with?

Some garage doors move in a single solid piece. Others run of metal tracks in multiple sections. Garage doors are operated by an electric opener for automated operations or they could be manual. Keep in mind these points at the earlier stage of the project. If you have an automatic garage door that operates with an electric opener, the malfunctioning cloud is with the opener instead of the garage door. If your garage door running smoothly on the tracks then it could be an issue with panels instead of tracks. Do your best to evaluate the faults before you start your work because it could be easy?

Check the garage door to find loose screws and blots:

Hinges and mounting brackets are used to hold the tracks to the wall and to support the garage door along the tracks. There are screws and blots that are used to secure everything in place. All the loose screws and bolts should be tightened to make them secure. Giving a good cleaning to mounting brackets is also a good idea. If the moving and securing hardware gets into the dirt, it can lodge inside the brackets and screws and make them loosen again.

Condition of garage door tracks:

The metal tracks are placed on both sides of the garage door along the walls toward the ceiling. These tracks tend to wear and tear over time. They could also have accumulated dirt and hardened grease inside them that make the garage door harder to go up and down. They could get dented or misaligned that could cause the garage door to stop on its halfway. Wash the tracks to remove dirt and grease. After cleaning it properly, make sure that the tracks are aligned correctly.

Inspect the garage door:

Once ensures that the tracks are in good working condition and all the hardware is tightened securely but the garage door is not operating smoothly. In this situation, the malfunctioning is likely with the garage door itself. Check the windows, panels, and all the edges of a garage door. The edge is the part of the garage door that moves along the tracks over rollers. If there are damages on the panels, they can cause problems as well. In the case of a wooden garage door, the bumps or cracks could probably be fixed with good wood filler or glue. In case of severe damage, you will have to replace the garage door.