In the past garage doors could only be opened and closed manually by grabbing the handle placed at the bottom of the garage door. Today, different types of garage door openers are installed to open and close the garage door smoothly. These devices can be operated by handy remote control or wall-mounted switch pad. There are several garage door companies including Cleveland garage door opener installation that offer effective garage door opener installation services.

  • Belt-driven garage door opener:

The opener is quieter in operations as compared to chain driven system. They are ideal for garages below or next to the bedroom. The system is stronger and more durable than chain driven opener so, it is the most preferable option. The system consists of a rubber belt instead of a metal chain.

  • Chain-driven garage door opener:

It is the cheapest and most commonly used mechanism. It is easy to install as a metal chain is connected to the motor of the system. It can be activated using a remote control or wall-mounted switch. It is the noisiest type of system. This is why it is not recommended.

  • Screw-driven garage door opener:

It is also known as an automatic garage door opener. A direct-driven motor is used to operate the unit. It lifts and lowers the garage door with the help of a threaded metal rod. It functions when the motor is switched on. There is no noise at all because no belt or chain is used in the creation of screw driven opener. The high speed of the unit will make it more efficient than the above two systems of openers.

When choosing the right garage door opener for your garage door, you should check the horsepower you the mechanism. If you have a single or standard garage door, a smaller motor with low HP will be enough. But if you have a double garage door, you will go for the higher horsepower. You should choose a garage door opener that offers safety features. These safety systems will stop the garage door from closing if something is on the path of electronic beams. The safety mechanism will stop and reverses the garage door and help to avoid accidents that could be serious and even fatal.

Nowadays, garage door openers come with rolling code technology which is another valuable safety feature. The system changes the security code of the garage door every time when the garage door is operated. It will prevent the crossed signals with your neighbor’s garage door and protect your passcode. It is always suggested to choose a garage door opener that fits your needs and budget.